NEW Rock Cooler!

The Orange County Curling Club has finished the installation of its new Rock Cooler!

After a long period of planning, fund raising, ordering, shipping, and construction, our cooler is fully functional and currently keeping our rocks comfortably cold in the back corner of the building. While a majority of the cost for this cooler came from our fund raising and bonspiel proceeds, our club was also the recipient of the Darwin Curtis Fund's Bricks and Mortar grant.
This grant is administered by the U.S. Curling Association and is designed to provide curling clubs the opportunity to support and encourage curling in the community by promoting growth and maintenance of the curling facility.
To qualify for this grant, the OC Curling Club had to meet eligibility requirements as well as petition for consideration, including detailing information from our club such as our demographics, finances, and an explanation of how this grant will support our impact on the local curling community. The club's application was accepted, and we received $3,500 towards the purchase and installation of our cooler!
This rock cooler presents a big step forward for our club. No longer will we have to "ice the stones" in preparation for curling, which is both time consuming and destructive to the rocks. The stones will be kept at a temperature suitable for immediate use on the ice.
This vast reduction in prep time allows our club the flexibility to explore additional curling time slots at the rink, further growing our club and increasing exposure of curling to the community.
The club would like to thank those who have contributed towards this success, either towards the submittal of the grant application, raising funds through supporting our bonspiels, attending our bonspiels, or working through the deliver and installation of the equipment. Good curling!
February 2018

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